Pam Akacki

August 01, 2017

In June 2017, at age 32, I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. Days later, we found out the cancer spread to my spine and my liver. My family and I were shocked. The Fight on Foundation took a huge weight off our shoulders by allowing me to focus on myself and getting the treatment I needed instead of worrying about the bills. We have a beautiful 18 month old daughter that I have been able to spend every single day with since my diagnosis thanks to the Fight on Foundation. Words can not express how thankful we are for this Foundation. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Janie Darrisaw

August 01, 2017

Being born and raised in Philadelphia not long after the conclusion of WWII, I thought that by now I had seen everything, and experienced “my share” of challenging life events. Much to surprise in November, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My first thought was that this was a death sentence, but fortunately it was treatable.

After my surgery and at the start of my radiation, I received a notice that my rent was being increased. While I am blessed, at this time, to not have to worry about current medical expenses, my Social Security income is relatively low and fixed. Should I cut out the purchase of healthy foods recommended to me?  Should I forget about my plan to study for my GED, which involves taking a taxi or bus to the local library? Not pay off past bills, including non-covered medical bills from the past?

Your Foundation’s generous grant has provided me with much relief, and allowed me to pay off bills, afford my rent increase, focus on my recovery, and follow my dreams!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Robert Sweigart

August 01, 2017

My name is Emilee Pfautz.  My boyfriend, Robert Sweigart, was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia last year.  He had three rounds of chemo and his cancer went into remission, but it came back this past October.  He had a round of chemo and had radiation on his shoulder because the leukemia was attacking his bone marrow and had a lot of shoulder pain.  He will be getting a bone marrow transplant at the beginning of December and will have to be in the hospital for about four weeks.  Robert will probably have to spend Christmas in the hospital. Thank you so much for your help!  It is a great relief knowing that he will be getting some help for his rent and medicine.  That is one thing he does not need to worry about at this time.  I really appreciate what your foundation has done for him.  May God Bless you and the work you do helping others.

Thank you again.

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